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They are old and sick with Alzheimer's. They live in a special-needs retirement home, but this week they are going on vacation to the seaside in Normandy. An invitation to look at "life with Alzheimer's" in a different light, outside the walls of a gated residence, where we discover sensitive, funny people, still capable of communicating in their own way. This photo doc also illustrates the non-drug interventions for Alzheimer's disease.

A tricky subject - but one that never loses its magic, this little gem of history, from a singular moment in time, says so much about the disease of the century. From this choice to follow these patients to the sea, we gain a deeper understanding, through their facial expressions, body language, absent looks, posture, and all this in an atypical and unusual setting, the complications and difficulties of someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The choices of landscape or portrait framing, close-ups or wide shots are always perceptively executed and, most importantly, there is emotion everywhere.” 

Jane Evelyn Atwood, Artistic Director of the Rendez-vous Image 2013 Festival in Strasbourg. Thank you, Jane Evelyn.

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