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A Franco-Algerian photographer born in 1972, I grew up in Algiers before moving to Paris in the 1990s. After graduating from ETPA School of Audiovisual in Rennes, I joined the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris where I became the audiovisual manager until 1996. I then worked as a sound designer (sound and motion graphic design). Since the late 2000s, my work has been entirely dedicated to photography. While continuing my collaboration with non-profit organizations and magazines covering health and social topics, I'm currently concentrating on my personal projects. My work defines my identity as well as my approach as a photographer: capturing scenes of everyday life, interactions, individuals, emotions in mundane spaces. Unity of place, unity of time, a form of equality. My photographs depict reality, a tug-of-war between my imagination and reality. Reflections of my own questions, they express my longing to be surprised by and reconcile with other human beings.


2021 : "Carried away by the wind", Transphotographiques, Lille

2020 : Narratives from Algeria collaborative exhibition, Photophorum Pasquart, Biel/Bienne,  Switzerland

2020 : "The illusion of reality", Nuits photographiques de Pierrevert

2020 : If I were..., participative exhibition, Institut pour la photographie, Lille

2016 : Mont-Blanc Photo Festival, Saint-Gervais et aux Contamines-Montjoie (74)

2014 : "Palliative care, if I had known...", Galerie Fait & Cause, Paris

2013 : "The bucolic urban", Strasbourg-Rendez-vous image

2013 : "Alzheimer's, forgetting the sea", Strasbourg-Rendez-vous image

2012 : "Je vous Paris", Parisian center for the development of associative life CAP, Paris

2010 : Russophonia prize, photos of authors and translators, Festival RussenKo, Kremlin-Bicêtre

2008 : Russophonia prize, Scientific and Cultural centre of Russia, Paris


2021 : Honorable mention, MonoVisions photography awards, series "Way of beings"

2020 : 3rd Black and white category, Paris international street photo awards, series "Once upon a time maybe not"

2020 : Honorable mention, MonoVisions photography awards, series "The illusion of reality"

2019 : Finalist, Maghreb Photography Awards, photo documentary "Algeria: political evolution, pacific revolution"

2019 : Short list, Felix Schoeller Photo Award, photojournalism / editorial photography, "Algeria: political evolution, pacific revolution"

2019 : Short list, Felix Schoeller Photo Award, portrait, "A closer look", portraits of people with mental health issues (APAJH 78-Yvelines)

2019 : Finalist, Urban Photo Awards, series "The last shore"

2019 : Finalist, 2019 Fun Photographer of the year

2016 : 1st prize, Mont-Blanc Photo Festival, Mountain and men

2014 : Finalist of the Sophot contest. Photo doc about palliative care

2013 : 1st prize ex aequo, Strasbourg-Rendez-vous image, artistic director

Jane Evelyn Atwood, photo doc "Alzheimer's, forgetting the sea"

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